Posh Peanut

Posh Peanuts - From an Etsy Idea to an E-Commerce Powerhouse

Posh Peanut is one of those stories you hear about on Shark Tank: Fiona decided to make cute custom dresses for her baby girl, without really considering the business potential of her craft. Initially, her friends convinced her to sell her adorable custom clothing on Etsy. Fast forward 5 years, she now runs Posh Peanut, selling thousands of baby girl clothing items a week.

Growing Up Fast

It's been a wild ride for Posh Peanut; expanding so rapidly was presented serious bottlenecks at many points of her business. Very quickly Posh Peanut outgrew Etsy's capacity for sales and marketing. While we love Etsy and what it's done for many small, talented crafts people, it has a primitive commerce platform that's not really made for stores selling more than a handful of products. So, like any savy business woman, Fiona saw her growth potential and commissioned a new website with a design agency. They worked closely for a whole year on a website. It was an exciting time for everyone involved in Posh Peanut, watching their brand go from a craft to a business. Unfortunately, Fiona never felt totally comfortable launching the new site because the user experience had persisting bugs that her agency failed to smooth out.

More Posh, More Professional

Finally, and fortunately, Posh Peanut found Dirango, we hit it off and quickly cleaned up the mess. E-commerce design and execution is one of our specialties, so we were happy to take Posh where it needed to go to meet demand and even grow to the next level. We custom designed a new shopping cart, implemented Shopify, and imported over 1000 products all in two months. During the quick design process, we were able to help refine the Posh Peanut brand so that it stands out from the competition. Not every company is at the stage where they can afford a total rebranding process, but we love to clean things up where we can, even on small projects.

The website launched July 8, 2015, and it's been a huge success. Thanks to intuitive design and thoughtful UX marketing strategies, the site has double the average conversion rates for its industry.

Press Brothers Juicery

Press Brothers Juicery - A New Face for an Established Brand

Several years ago, as a hobby, the Jones brothers began experimenting with bold combinations of raw pressed fruits and vegetables. The story goes something like you might've guessed: they quickly gained momentum and what started as an idea became a thriving business.  Through word of mouth, Jack and David earned a reputation as one of LA’s preeminent local juice crafters, eventually catching the attention of the visionary restaurateurs behind LA’s historic Grand Central Market (One of Gourmet Magazine’s top 10 food destinations in the country). And in the fall of 2014, Jack and David proudly opened their first brick and mortar juice bar on the Broadway side of the bustling market.

At the time, they had been using an out-of-box Shopify template for a couple years, which worked great in the beginning. But their brand image, online sales, and internet marketing needed to catch up to the level of business that they had become.  So they wisely decided to put some energy and resources into taking their website to the next level.

Cold-Pressed for Time

As business continued to grow for the Jones brothers, they serendiptously were introduced to Anthony Wiktor, a long-time partner of Dirango. They knew they needed a quick face-lift in order to capitalize on their growth, so we quickly collaborated with the owners and Anthony to come up with a concept for a landing page that would give them a much more professional and branded feel.

Freshness Management

The out-of-the-box Shopify system presented a unique challenge in the beginning because of the nature of Press Brother Juicery's products and delivery method. Shopify is a closed e-commerce system and has a closed check out process with a very basic shipping system. PBJ's products are only delivered within certain zip codes, have to be scheduled on certain days, and also require a pick up option that provides the user with the correct location. as these features are not available on Shopify and there are no pre-developed apps that address these specific issues, we had to innovate and think outside the box. Fortunately, our crazy/creative/brilliant programmers figured out complex, yet effective ways to alter Shopify's code to do exactly what Press Brothers needed.

The Delivery

With Anthony's stunning designs, we were able to execute a site that has transformed the face of Pross Brothers' brand. We're really proud of the final product. We've never felt more comfortable with Shopify and our ability to customize a unique system for individual client needs. It was a greater challenge than we expected, but we were able to seamlessly implement and manage local deliveries and pick-up location options for Press Brothers. Beyond simply executing, we did extensive analytic testing of the user interface to ensure the checkout process and delivery options were as clear and seamless as possible.

Ultimately this project was a lesson of expectations and limitations; sometimes you can exceed them, but it's important to find out just how far you can go. Fortunately we were able to execute within constraints this time. But, while Shopify is a great e-commerce platform for startups and small businesses, as a business grows they may find serious limitations with what Shopify can do. We now know more clearly that if we were to expand far beyond the features that Shopify offers, we would have to move on to an open source e-commerce solution where we can tailor the features exactly to what the business needs.




Logix Needed A Boost!

... and a boost they received!


Logix Federal Credit Union has been Los Angeles’ top choice for banking with a perfect record of positive earnings since 1937. Headquartered in Burbank, CA, Logix holds a 5-Star rating for financial strength and $3 billion in assets. Logix currently has 13 branches spread across Los Angeles and Ventura County.


Logix went through an identity & branding change in 2012-2013 from Lockheed Credit Union to Logix Banking. Once the new identity was in place along with a new website, mobile app, Logix Banking joined the online banking boom by exploring digital marketing channels.

Create awareness and increase leads for the bank’s mortgage and auto loan products.


Dirango used Google AdWords and content ad programs to promote the Logix Bank’s various mortgage and auto loan offerings.


The marketing program increased applications by 79% while driving website conversion rates from 4.5% to 12.5% within 3 months.


Petals LA

Petals LA - Stunning Products Deserve Websites to Match

Petals LA is one of the premier florists in Los Angeles, having provided floral services for weddings, hotels, corporate events, and celebrities like the Kardashians, Rhianna, and Krupa.

Petals's original website, however, wasn't cutting the same figure as the glamorous and polished clientele they were selling to. If you're selling a gorgeous product like ornate floral arrangements, you'd better advertise them in a visually stunning way.

The New Image(s)

The owner Saco came to Dirango for a refreshed website that speaks the company's brand and market position. He needed something that was clean and intuitive, but also visually stunning and posh. Dirango worked closely with Saco in making his vision a reality. The new website, according to Saco, is Petals LA's calling card; the business has been transformed by the site's easy of use and their premier positioning as one of LA's most elite florists.

The site was inspired by the simplicity and visually intuitive design of Instagram, the leading social site the target audience visits before deciding on a florist. Visit the look book pages of the site on desktop and mobile, and you'll see the similarities in style and composition. It was extremely important that the mobile responsiveness was perfect, as a large segment of Saco's business browses on their phones. We're really proud of the mobile layout and features that we delivered for the final site. Check it out yourself, but be careful: you might end up with a whole boat load of flowers on your desk before you even realize it.

South Park

South Park Business Improvement District



Reference: Jessica Lall, Executive Director

213.663.1112 | Jessica@southpark.la


South Park Business Improvement District (BID) is a community organization in downtown Los Angeles that promotes local businesses and runs a safety team and clean team.

Challenge: Over the years, South Park BID’s website had been modified by different agencies, resulting in an unstable Frankensite, Staff members could no longer update site without encountering errors, such as ___________. The site also did not sufficiently support the community or the brand. For example, _______________.

Solution: To attain the invaluable insights and input of all the stakeholders, Dirango interviewed South Park residents, business owners, developers, and the committee. We then plotted the data, planned the website's information architecture and feature set, and walked the client through the design process of wireframing, mood board, and high fidelity mock ups. With client approval, we then custom developed the final site that includes several heavy set features above the usual responsiveness:

  • Timelapse photography highlighting the neighborhood.
  • Interactive events calendar integrated with local venues.
  • A full-fledged business directory with pictures, video, map, and social features.
  • Advanced forms directing the public to the right team.
  • A social stream wall. [explain what makes this impressive]
  • 700 pages of content. [what kind and why is it valuable?]

Results: ___ months after the site's launch, South Park BID staff reports that the site "works flawlessly and is saving us so much time and hassle." User requests no longer go to the wrong team, with misdirected messages going from more than a dozen per week to 0. At the same time, website traffic has increased by ___ %, and local businesses are reporting more queries and even sales coming from the site. Said South Park BID Executive Director, Jessica Lall, "Dirango not only saved the site, they took it to a new level that just blew everyone away. They acted like they were personally invested in the project, and it shows."



Azubu - Making Moves in the Esports Community

Azubu is one of the top platforms in the exploding industry of esports broadcasting, catering to an audience of millions of daily visitors all across the world. In order to further expand their market share, Azubu was making the transition from a celebrity-only streaming platform to an open platform on which anyone can stream. In order to make that transition smoothly, though, they knew they needed to provide top-notch support to their users to make sure their functionality and user experience was perfect.

Assembling Our Forces

Azubu decided to implement Salesforce and Service Cloud as their support platform, so they tapped Dirango to execute on the complex task of fully integrating the software with their current product. As it was the first time they were using Salesforce (or any customer service database software), this particular project would set the precedent for subsequent company-wide implementation. The biggest challenge was time; within a 60-day time frame we were tasked with fleshing out a system that usually requires 6-8 months to implement. We moved quickly, working with Salesforce's partner team Cube84 out of Washington DC, and assembling a team of talented developers in multiple time zones so that we could operate on a 24-hour production cycle to make up for unavailable time.  We had to enable Salesforce and Service to handle multiple languages, up to 500 tickets a day, and be used by a call center of up to 50 agents.

The Ultimate LAN Party

Azubu understood that this should have been a 6-8 month project, but — they gently reminded us — sometimes you have no option but to just get it done. So we got it done. We deployed their new, custom Salesforce platform in two months, fully integrating it with Azubu's existing site. We developed live chat with agents for up to 3 different languages for high priority users, ticketing system for the public, and a nimble FAQ system for users and support agents. Never before had our multi-timezone, well-oiled production cycle been put to such a rigorous test. In retrospect it was a really groundbreaking moment for us as an agency: we pushed the limits of our creative and developmental bandwidth, taking our productivity to a new level.

Housing Authority Of The City Of Santa Barbara

Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara



Reference: Andrew P. Gonzales, Information Systems Analyst

805.897.1031 | AGonzales@hacsb.org


The Housing Authority of City of Santa Barbara website exists to aid people with low and set incomes to find affordable housing within the city limits. It is important that the site is easy to use as well as find what individuals may be looking for.

Challenge: Over 6 years, the HACSB website had accumulated numerous pages and subpages, with little thought paid to content organization. Consequently, the information architecture had become chaotic, and the public struggled to find the information they needed, resulting in many phone calls seeking basic information that was available — somewhere — on the site.

Solution: Dirango rebuilt the site to intuitively organize over 300 pages of content. The most critical addition was a custom-built search engine that not only surfaces pages, blog articles, and properties, it also dives into all the PDFs stored on the site. Other features:


  • Full content management system control for the staff
  • A property tour engine that showcases all HACSB properties.
  • A custom designed mega menu to organize all the pages. We combined numerous items under the Housing tab in the menu.
  • Office Open/Closed status in the header. This feature is tied into the CMS Calendar for easy updates by the staff.


Results: Since the site's redesigns, the number of phone calls requesting basic information has decreased by ___ %, freeing the staff to manage other more pressing issues. Both landlords and
residents report that they can easily find the PDF forms they're seeking, with one landlord declaring, "It's about time — literally!" Added Andrew P. Gonzales, HACSB's Information Systems Analyst, "In just ___ weeks, Dirango took care of 6 years of problems. Anyone on my staff can now easily and quickly update the content. I can only imagine the amount of time and resources we could have saved had Dirango built our site in the first place."

Awards: 2015 W3 Award Silver for Government Website


Creating Transparency for a $6B Proposition

Build LACCD is Los Angeles' college district building program. The program is in charge of managing the construction of new buildings at 9 separate colleges in Los Angeles. The program is fueled by $6 Billion dollars of voter-approved bonds.

Build LACCD serves two distinct target audiences. The first being contractors looking to bid on projects, download forms, and seek guidance on procedures and regulations. The second being the general public who need to be informed on how the money is being spent, project details, and board meeting documentation.

The original state of the website was a splash page that leads you to two different websites, one for each target audience. This was time consuming for staff having to manage two websites.

Our largest challenge was not only designing user experience for two distinct audiences, but also to work with 12 different groups of stakeholders. We invested 3 months of stakeholder interviews and an additional 3 months of user experience research in order to design a site that resonates with each group.

Our solution consisted of combining both websites. We built an enterprise level website to serve both target audiences. The site became a public relations vehicle to establish transparency. We built unique features like dynamic infographics visualizing funding/spending, numerous galleries showing construction progress, over 1000 searchable PDF forms, and cutting edge interactive college maps displaying building information.

Our favorite feature is the interactive college maps. Visit any of the college pages and you’ll find a map above the fold. The buildings that are new glow on an interval. When clicked on the user will see a pop up with building information. We built a unique module in the CMS for staff to update the maps as the buildings are being constructed.

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